Inspiration Monday, 7 May 2013: The Beckoning of Fear

I thought moving to an isolated place would make it stop but I was wrong. City noise had not amplified it as I originally thought, but in fact had masked it somewhat. Now, here in this farmhouse far from the main road I cannot escape it. It calls most clearly at night as I try to sleep. I lock myself in my room in an effort to safeguard my physical self; I continue to seek ways to protect my psychic self, as it grasps and claws at my mind. I expect that soon I will lose to its horrific beckoning. 

Ah, the fear of the unknown voices and ticklings of our imagination. Are they real, or simply figments of our imagination? You may also ponder these questions and one of the Inspiration Monday prompts made me take pause to express the fear that such figments–real or imagined–can um, inspire. Click below to add your 100 words about this, or one of the other fine prompts this week.


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  1. I’m confronted by a lot of figments. I work the graveyard shift and sometimes sleep deprivation makes me see and hear things that aren’t actually there. Fortunately it’s usually harmless stuff like penguins. Seeing a penguin in the hallway of a retirement community is kind of cheering, even though I know it’s not “real.” It does, however, let me know that I really desperately need some sleep.

    1. Truly! When we drove cross-country, I saw all sorts of things…I think it was mostly due to sleep deprivation and a teeny bit of heat stroke; having come from more humid climates, I knew little about how the lack of moisture can affect the brain, particularly when driving across the Mojave in July. Nothing like the ghosts of tumbleweeds floating across your path when driving at 80mph…

    1. No need to feel intimidated! The crowd is intimate and quite lovely over there! As you see there are multiple prompts to choose from. I am sure you would come up with something great!

  2. Oooo, I can just imagine the feeling – alone in the quiet middle of nowhere, when suddenly your mind shouts at you. Or is it only your mind?


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