Story A Day #8: It’s a Mystery Pt. 2

You are a strange lot. Humans, they call you; awkward creatures, each one of you. You came into this room and didn’t even bow, genuflect, or otherwise acknowledge a superior being. You came in here, plunked into the wooden thing opposite me, picked up that paper, and proceeded to drink your morning victual. How dare you! As if that wasn’t bad enough, you began to stare at me. You didn’t utter a word when the proper thing for you to have done was to prepare an offering or whatever your species does for a god. The report sent on you will reflect your offense; you should be hoping that the others find someone of your ilk who gives more respect. Since you are obviously of inferior intelligence, mental telepathy will be necessary to ensure your compliance and understanding. You completely missed the signal given–the inhalation and exhalation of your air with rapidness was completely lost on you. What a pitiful lot you are; to be pitied, then put to work. That seems to be all you are good for.

Today’s Story A Day prompt asked for a second-person narrative. This is a continuation from yesterday’s first-person. I hope it works! Tomorrow will continue the narrative lesson with third-person limited narrative.

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    1. Thank you! We have two more posts for the narrative series; well, they didn’t have to be a series but I thought it would be fun 🙂

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