VisDare 19: The Djinn in the Mirror

Why the man had believed the fortune-teller in the first place was irrelevant; he had no way of knowing that the djinn had given the hag the mysteries she had shared. But the lure of great riches and knowledge were too much for him and, following her instructions, he took the mirror to the sea and faced it to the eastern horizon to await the gift that was to be delivered to him by a beast too terrible to look on directly. But instead at the appointed hour it was the djinn himself that appeared in the mirror and the images that appeared within were frightful beyond description. But the man was prepared and produced his pouched tawiz from beneath his shirt; as he held it before the mirror, the djinn became angry and in a puff of white smoke, vanished. Grateful, the man thanked Allah and swore off fortune-tellers.

Clicking the picture could either take you to the VisDare prompt or to meet the djinn…

Okay, okay…so Madame Muse has yet to inspire a return to our intrepid adventurers, Annisa and Evelyn, who were part of a series for VisDare.

However, you gotta admit that genies and genie-like creatures are fun. I remembered one term used for genies was djinn (or jinn) and decided this was a good photo to write about a not-so-nice one. If you’re interested in more information about djinn, check here; it’s a bit incomplete but will give some background.

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