Daily Prompt: Line of Sight

The troll sat uncomfortably; she wasn’t used to having visitors, particularly those with cameras and recording equipment. “So, tell your fans about your process; how do you find inspiration? Where do you get your ideas? From what we understand, trolls don’t typically leave their environs much. Do you simply stare out the window and write about what you see?” The human shoved a microphone closer to the troll’s chins.

“Um,” the troll growled, making the human a bit nervous since she’d heard about their occasional appetite for human flesh. The troll sensed the human’s discomfort and tried to make light of it. “Don’t be nervous, hun; I don’t eat female humans.” She snorted a laugh; that one-liner was a big hit at the troll bar, but the humor seemed lost on her guest. She wanted this over with. “Well, er, um,” she mumbled. “Ideas, inspiration. Yes. I read a lot. I don’t look out the windows for inspiration,” the troll answered with a wave of her bear paw-sized hand, “because as you see my cave has no windows.” The human looked confused and the troll sighed, bored with the whole endeavor. “Look, I use my imagination, okay? The window of my mind, if you will. From within it I can envision vast landscapes or the most minute of details. Now get out.” She ushered the human and her equipment out through the tunnel, closed the flap, and with an incantation made its location vanish from the memory of the woman, who stood in the midst of the forest wondering how she got there and why she had notes on an interview with the famous troll author on her iPad.

Our friends the Daily Post pixies are up to their usual shenanigans again.

When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?

I tend to be a strategic thinker and see both the forest and the trees; I decided to write a response to this prompt from the viewpoint of my famous writer troll-self. I prefer to sit in my home office, surrounded by our wildlife pets, with music playing and the television on. I have had a vivid imagination since childhood and don’t need to gaze out the literal window often; I would be quite content living in a cave as long as it had internet access…now the figurative window is something else entirely. Read more from this bloggy-space and you can answer the question for yourself.

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  1. Did you ever read Three Billy Goats Gruff?? Anyway, just stopping in to see what others wrote about for the prompt – Cheers!

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