Story A Day #9: It’s a Mystery Pt. 3

When Officer Smithers arrived at the house, she wasn’t sure what to make of the situation; the dispatcher had warned her that a man at this address had called to report a thing in his kitchen. He had been unable to give a better description but sounded out of sorts enough to cause concern; the dispatcher had warned the officer that the caller might be having some mental difficulties. She also told Officer Smithers one additional odd thing: the caller sounded like he hadn’t really wanted to make the call; was there someone in the house making him do things against his will? The officer steeled herself and knocked on the door, her non-knocking hand on her service pistol. Seemingly without hesitation Aaron opened the door for her and led her to the kitchen, where she saw…it. The thing was across a kitchen chair and seemed to be wheezing or something. The closer she got, the more it wheezed. She’d never seen anything like it and did her best not to wrinkle her nose at its stench. She understood why Aaron had been unable to give more of a description and struggled to find the words for her report. She turned to Aaron and whispered, “So, what do you want to do with it?”

Today’s Story A Day continues with narrative practice, this time with a step into third-person limited. My understanding is that such a perspective focuses on the viewpoint of a single character and I went with the officer. Our narrative practice continues tomorrow with third-person omniscient.

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    1. Thank you so much! I actually finished a first draft of a novella during April’s Camp NaNoWriMo that I plan to publish through Amazon’s CreateSpace 🙂 I’ll be giving updates once it’s up there. My husband is doing the illustrations for me and I need to flesh out the end a bit more. I’m also planning to draft a book of short and flash fiction during the traditional November NaNoWriMo.

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