Story A Day #10: It’s a Mystery Pt. 4

Aaron had no answer for the officer; he had not been able to think that far ahead, having only come to the decision to call the police after an agonizing period of listening to the thing breathing at his kitchen table. He had mumbled toward it, which seemed only to make things worse. It trembled and wheezed even louder with every mumble, and when he went to the telephone and finally rung for the police, it seemed to get even more upset.

The sound of the male human’s voice grated on gldr’s psyche. Gldr was a high-ranking official on his world and for that reason had been chosen to lead the expedition to Earth; from the intel his people had gathered they learned that humans would probably be a bit alarmed by the appearance of Vammots, but most likely would be able to understand telepathic and breath signalling. The intel had not however provided information about the horror of the typical human mode of communication and the noises the male was making into the device grated on his temporal lobe. The Vammotian sense of hearing was more vibratory than that of humans, particularly since they had no ears but relied instead on auditory receptors in their blubbery exoskeletons. Within moments it seemed after the male had stopped etugling into the device, a female showed up and began making the same noises. Gldr proceeded to try and breath signal to her, particularly since she was wearing a uniform; he figured her to be a leader of some sort who should, by rank, have been able to communicate. He realized that his breath signal was confusing her; he was excited himself and might have been speaking too quickly. He resorted to telepathic attempts and was alarmed to know that the humans were referring to him as an it. 

Smithers had a sudden headache; it was like something was trying to drill into her brain. She regarded the creature, or whatever it was; it had stopped whistling, which was certainly a relief. Since the homeowner had no idea what he wanted to do, she considered calling animal control. As soon as she thought it, a stabbing pain shot through her entire body and she blacked out.

Upon seeing the officer begin to collapse, Aaron panicked. He looked at the thing in his kitchen chair and surmised that it had somehow rendered the officer unconscious. As he considered going for the butcher block to grab a carving knife, he felt a pain at the base of his head and as dark spots began to form before his eyes he knew that he too was being affected by the creature. He hoped that he had stepped far enough away from the officer so as not to harm her if he fell and also hoped that he would fall opposite the sharp corners of the kitchen table.

With disappointment, gldr sent his telepathic report to the other Vammots, indicating that these humans were in fact too flighty to even serve as workers. He then sent a message suggesting that they go investigate other humans; their intel had suggested that in addition to the male and female versions, some were smaller and younger. Perhaps, he thought, they would be more pliable.

Today’s Story A Day concludes our narrative practice with third-person omniscient, which is supposed to provide all the characters’ points of view through the voice of an unknown narrator.

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  1. curse our lake of telepathic alien communication skills. Or the forsight to reach for the downed cops gun rather than butcher knief, guess that at least saved us from potential intersteller war. Just cant wait to see if they communicate with kids or find more in common with Dogs?

    1. 😀 I’ll let your imagination run with it for now! Our fearless leader over at Story A Day will be moving us on to a different type of post for tomorrow. I do like the idea of having the aliens take the children…especially the incorrigible ones! Ha!

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