Write Now! Prompt, 10 May 2013: Familiar Territory

He leaned against the lamppost and tried to remember what city he was in. Having gone through this experience before, he figured it should take about five minutes of concentration to bring everything back to focus; time jumping was starting to be more difficult with each passing year. He chuckled at the thought: as he got older, it was becoming more difficult to reconcile himself with the jumps; he had become more introspective, more philosophical, and some might say more dangerous, these last three years, having gone to a particular time in a particular city and seen himself. With her. He’d almost forgotten the depth of his love and the pain and rage that ensued after her death. The new advances in time jump science made him think that perhaps he could save her. Time continuum, be damned; what difference would it make to the rest of the world if he made himself happy by keeping her alive? He imagined their life together with a home, children, and maybe even a pet. He would take her far away from the horror and if by some chance their offspring were monsters somewhere in the distant future, he figured they would have lived a long life and died happily together, leaving that new destruction behind for someone else to clean up.

Our dear friends over at Write Now! offered that first line as the prompt for the day. It made me think of a few films: “The Time Machine,” “A Sound of Thunder,” and “Looper” specifically. Pop on over and add yours.

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  1. Messing with the timeline always feels like it shouldn’t matter, right? What’s that thing I hear about… how a butterfly flaps its wings in China and causes a drought in New Mexico? Hmm. something like that. One little change causes a myriad of other little changes.

    1. Oh, yes! The butterfly thing…I think I heard it as “the butterfly flaps its wings in China and causes a tsunami in Australia” (or some such). That one always scared me, which is why “A Sound of Thunder” always captured my attention. Love that Bradbury 🙂

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