Saturday Centus #159: Necromancy 101

Grampa was said to be a warlock. I just knew he could do cool stuff and I wanted him to teach me. I used to go to his place and he started schooling me on the tricks of the trade. He figured at his age it was a good idea to have somebody comin’ up, you know? He used to show me how to bring back the dead for new conversations with their old widows. He taught me how he kept the business going: great customer service. Among other things, he willed me his drink book. Our favorite code words? “You put the lime in the coconut.”

Ah, Saturday Centus…gotta love it! What fun in 107 words, eh? Click on the limed coconut to add yours today.


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  1. Grandpa sounds pretty cool.

    I wonder what it would be like to be related to a Warlock.

    I used to watch ‘Bewitched’ but I suspect that wasn’t an accurate depiction…ha!

    Cute us of the prompt!

    You have such a neat imagination!

    1. Ha! Having watched “Bewitched” I too suspect that’s not quite right… 😀 Thank you so much for such neat prompts to spark my wild imaginings!

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