Story A Day #11: Letters to My Darling

1 June, 2257

My Darling Johannah,

I’ve finally arrived at the training depot. It’s not at all like the brochures suggested but instead is a nightmarish place; I am so glad you chose not to enlist with me. First off, the place does not have a resort-like atmosphere. In fact, we can’t even go outside! We can’t breathe the air and even if we could, this place is so far from the nearest sun that we would freeze even in a suit. The food is not gourmet by any means and the sleeping compartments are stacked four-deep. I can’t imagine what the actual training will be like, but from what I understand it’s like on the job training where we will engage with the enemy in controlled areas. I miss you darling and hope you get this letter within the three months they said it would take to get there. Will write again soon.

Yours, George

1 August, 2257
Dear Johanna,
I trust that this letter finds you well. Although it’s too soon for you to have received my last letter, I am somewhat disappointed that you haven’t written to me. Anyway, I’ve made it through the first couple months of training and boy was it tough. The enemy they give to us as trainees are evidently old and infirm members of the native community. That’s what the bosses call them anyway–native community. Even if they are the old ones, they are scary. Each one is about eight feet tall and covered in some sort of exoskeleton. They have four eyes and three arms–isn’t that wild? We are trained in both hand-to-hand combat and technical ambush, among other things. We have to wear protective head gear because they supposedly are able to use telepathic abilities, can you believe it? Well, they are calling us for chow duty, so I have to go. I hope to hear from you soon; I finally earned sat-phone privileges and tried to call you last week but didn’t get an answer at any of your phone numbers. I guess you were out. I’ll try again next month.
With love, George
1 January, 2258
I wanted to write you one last time since I guess you won’t be writing back to me. Oh, and first I guess I should say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I used my September sat-phone privilege to call your mom, who told me about your engagement. I would say congratulations but I am confused about what happened. Is it because it would be about 25 years before I get back, if I survive? I suppose that is a hard pill to swallow but I thought we had a good thing going. I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted after all. So I wanted to let you know that after talking to your mom I signed up for special duty. There’s extra pay for it which I’ll send home of course. All I had to do what get injected with some goop. I’m changing already. I’ve grown about a foot in height and I’ve never had such muscles. I would have sent a picture but since you’re engaged to another man I didn’t think it was right. I hope you’ll be happy and maybe one day you’ll write me after all, even if it’s just to send me pictures of your family. I’m sure you’ll have a beautiful one.
Today’s Story A Day asked us to write in epistolary fashion. I decided to go for a bit of “jilted lover,” spaceman style…
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