Picture It & Write, 12 May 2013: The Cure

Courtesy: *tntrekabulator

The cyborg offered Genny the bottle but she didn’t take it; no one trusted them so how could this one mean her anything but harm? It looked at her with a steely expression. “Take it and you will live.”

She did her best to smirk despite the pain traveling the entirety of her body. She’d been bitten by a baby stingray beetle and could only imagine the torture of a bite from a full-grown one. “Right, TC,” or ‘tin can’, “like I could believe that.”

“Believe whatever you wish, but if you want to live, take this.” It again thrust the glowing bottle toward her. Another burst of pain hit her and she arched her back into it; she grabbed the bottle from the cyborg and with a look of hate, ripped the top off and swallowed the bright orb within it. The cyborg backed off and she suddenly felt the pain leaving.

She felt a strength she had never known before. “Tha-” As she attempted to offer a grateful word, the skin on her forearm erupted and a metal appendage emerged.

The cyborg turned and prepared to depart. “Your transformation will be complete in approximately 15 minutes. You will receive your orders then.”

As more metal began to break through her skin, she managed one last question. “What?”

It turned and regarded her coldly. “You will become one of us. It is the only way.”

A quick ode to the Borg, or perhaps The Terminator, or some combination I suppose, for this week’s Picture It & Write. Click the image below to join in.


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  1. I’m glad this week’s image inspired you, AR Neal. I love the transformation that took place in your story. The idea of metal breaking out from one’s skin. Oh, what a painful process! At least it would only take 15mins. Never trust a cyborg, lesson learned. Thanks for contributing this week! πŸ™‚

    – Ermisenda

  2. Fantastic take on the photo prompt this week. Love your description and use of language ‘orb’ and as for the double crossing cyborgs! Great writing!

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