Hagetha’s Hang-Out and Cave-Corner

Hey kiddies! Happy Monday!

The old cave here will occasionally be taken over by Hagetha, the resident opinion-giver, question-answerer, and advice-guru. Let me introduce you:

Hagetha1Isn’t she fabulous? Well, um…you’d be better off if you just said “Yeah!” because she can get cranky.

Anyway, Hagetha offered the following quip this morning:

What do you think those are for? (she was pointing out a set of er, um… silver dangly, ah, male parts… ehem, dangling from the bottom of a large pick-up truck in front of us)

I’m not sure, Hagetha; what do you think?

Too much information for me to give here. But suffice it to say, I’ll have more questions if there is a woman driving.

Yeah, that’s the great thing about Hagetha; she’s a smidge paranoid but is happy to share her thoughts.

And she’s here to answer your questions! Feel free to post to Hagetha in the comments section below… oh, wait… she has something to say:

Yes, feel free to post questions. I’ll get back to them later; it’s too bright right now. Too much sunlight. Makes my fangs hurt. Must answer in darkness. Much safer.

Um, okay. We better let Hagetha get back to her corner of the cave. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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