Story A Day #12: Wedded Bliss


The invitations to their wedding were done in a Batman motif. They asked each guest to come in costume. The date was set for Halloween; he would be the Dark Knight and she would be Wonder Woman. The guests thought it was a gag until they saw the registry, which included the date, time, and place of the wedding, along with a photo of the happy couple at the rehearsal dinner in full garb.

The evening of the wedding everyone was in high spirits; folks lifted masks to sip apple cider and held black and gold confetti with which to celebrate the nuptials. “Batman” stood at the front of the church with “Alfred,” the pastor and awaited the arrival of the bride. As the theme song/wedding march began, a gasp went through the crowd: the bride began her stately walk to the front of the church, dressed in a flowing white gown. Her tiara was resplendent in the light of sunset that slanted through the windows. She smiled brightly. Her betrothed raised his cowl and looked at her, slack-jawed, causing her to smile even more broadly.

She grasped his hand as she took her place at his side. Before the pastor began his recitation, she leaned over to her soon-to-be husband and whispered, “I can be your Wonder Woman anytime but I only want to be your princess once.”


Sorrow had blanketed Moon for far too long, but her beloved had popped the question again; they were to be wed in just under a day’s time. She had covered herself in pearls of ice which sparkled brightly, praying for a chance to attract the attention of the one she desired. She became full with brightness in anticipation of his embrace. The stars, her bridesmaids, accompanied her on her way to her appointed hour.


Joy pressed brightly about the shoulders of Sun as he prepared to join with Moon in holy matrimony. The planets were his groomsmen and they stood in line proudly.


And the hour arrived. Moon, in her fullness, dropped sorrow aside; Sun shone even more brightly at the approach of his beloved. The moment came and the stars and planets cheered them as they became one before their Maker and all the universe. Sun held her close for as long as he dared, and then released her to watch her dance again until the time of their next full uniting.

Today’s writing prompt asked us to write a wedding scene; I opted to do two… Visit Story A Day to add yours.

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  1. I’m sorry to maybe mess up your blog, But I chose to never marry, maybe best because I have heard some are chosen to get married others aren’t, I think many get married either pressure or think?? they should…without being IN LOVE?
    I as a sports fan saw me sitting on some bleachers? watching My brothers get married One didn’t make it , others ?? of course has their problems. and as for my brother who’s marriage failed I doubt will ever date again!
    and a sidenote..No i’m not gay!
    and now at the ripe old age of 60???? im sure not planning to walk down the aisle !

    1. Hi Kelly: thank you for sharing. I think there are plenty of good reasons for not getting married, so you will certainly get no argument from me 🙂

  2. What a beautiful piece of writing, I particularly love the first one. Creating an entire story in so few words is difficult, I find it nearly impossible. But you have certainly achieved it here.

    1. Thank you, Jayde! The more you write for short prompts (100 words, 55 words, 33 words) the better you become. I find that I write with the word goal in mind for those sorts of prompts and then trim back until I get there. Give it a go and you might surprise yourself!

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