Story A Day May #13: The Letter

The letter showed up on July 13. Sam almost put it in the bin with the rest of the junk mail but something about the handwriting caught her eye. It was spindly and reminded her of calligraphy; the paper was thin, crisp–like parchment. She got chills just touching it and because she had a bit of a penchant for unusual things, she kept it for a few days; there was something foreboding about opening it on the 13th that simply didn’t sit well. By the 16th she felt ready to see what was inside; carefully pulling open the flap she pulled out an equally fragile folded page.


We request that you join your talents and abilities to ours. While this may come as a surprise, we have been watching you for some time and know that you are interested in a change. Please do not discard this request, unless you are sure you do not want to pursue the true opportunity of a lifetime. Trust us: it will make the offer that will come from your boss seem like a joke.

To show that we mean business, hold on to this letter. Return to it in three months. If your boss makes you an offer for a new position, you will know what we say is true. If he does not, or if that seems more to your liking, take this letter and burn it. We will call you on October 31 to enquire about your interest in working with us.

The letter was not signed.

Sam had met with the big boss yesterday and while his offer seemed interesting, it would have been more so had he pitched it about two years earlier. Sam had traveled the world with the company, had met some of the most exciting entrepreneurs in the world, but none of it mattered. She had earned enough to keep her comfortable well past retirement and the stock options and dividends would outlive her and three generations to come even if she quit today. She took another sip of wine and looked at the letter again; it had fallen out of a drawer she had been rooting through the evening before. The clock sounded: “The time is now 7:30 pm, October 31.” As it finished announcing the time, the telephone rang.

Interestingly, this prompt from Story A Day seemed less of Sam’s story for me than setting the stage for Sam’s story… Visit the page and add your take on it: there’s still time to join the fun this month!

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