Flash! #1: The Number of Self-Worth

“Show me your number,” the bouncer said. Julie didn’t like his tone; there was something frightening about him. She pulled up her sleeve, revealing the birthmarked “5” on the inside of her left wrist. The bouncer backed up and opened the velvet rope to the club. “How many in your party, Miss?”

“There are four of us.”

He motioned them in and closed the rope on the remaining unhappy crowd still standing on the sidewalk. As the four girls entered, he shrugged and said loudly, “What can I do? She’s a five!”

At around 11pm, a man approached their table. “Excuse me, Miss Julie? You don’t know me,” he tried to hide the 27 on his wrist as he handed her his business card,” but I was wondering if you could put in a good word with your dad for me.”

Sandra shooed him away as Julie sat, looking confused.

The idea for this 150-word piece came from Andrew Johnston over at Kingdom of Sharks. Here is his idea as offered in the Flash! You’re It! post from yesterday:

My idea:: In another time and another place, everyone has a set of numbers that are said to determine their self-worth as people. No one understands those numbers, but everyone respects them.
Number of words:: Between 100-150

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