Flash! #2: Geneve and the Valley of Joy

It was 4am when Geneve awoke; the sounds of her parents’ fight had kept her up through the night and she’d had enough. Resolutely, she packed a small bag and snuck out to the shed for her bicycle. She walked it to the end of the drive and then jumped on, pedaling fast in the dawn. She decided to go to Auntie Lorraine’s and turned left at the four-way; the fog was thicker there and soon the road seemed unfamiliar. She crested a rise and began an easy descent into a beautiful valley, where, along the side of the road, stood a group of Sylphs who spoke to her in one voice. “Geneve, your worries are over; come into the Valley of Joy.”

As Geneve got off her bicycle, one beautiful Sylph called Theodosia took her by the hand. Ahead, she saw unicorns, yeti, sprites, Skinfaxe, Tonttus, and many other creatures, all playing and living harmoniously. She looked up at Theodosia, who smiled. “Your worries are no more, Geneve; live here with us, where there is no fighting, no strife. You will grow to be our princess and peace will reign forever.” Geneve was never seen in her village again.

The idea for this 200-word piece came from Annegien Tijssen  at Travel Inspire Create. Here is her idea as offered in the Flash! You’re It! post from 13 May:

My idea:: I’m from the Netherlands,love to travel and I blog about what inspires me.

Maybe you could write a story about a little girl who on one morning decides to hop on her bicycle and travel through a magical land. What inspirational creatures will she meet?
Number of words:: Between 150-200

For information about all the mythical creatures mentioned in the story, visit the “Magical Creatures and Beings” site and search by alphabetical order.

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