Friday Fictioneers, 17 May 2013: Arranged Marriage

Thetis knew they hated her when they made her marry that terrible Peleus. It’s not fair, she thought, morphing through her arsenal of shapes; the fact that he was strong was a bonus but he was not her type. After the wedding, Zeus and the rest of them simply left; no gifts, no well-wishes, nothing. And there she was, standing on the shore, with this oaf. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he brought her to his home. “There’s water, so you should be happy,” he said, smiling as he carried her through the high grass and over the threshold.

Courtesy: Sarah Ann Hall

Ah, another trip back to old mythology class. I don’t know if Thetis despised Peleus, but it makes for an interesting 100-word tale. If you’d like a bit more info on them, feel free to visit here but then make sure to hurry back and click below to add your story.


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  1. A neat take from a person in a myth. I didn’t remember this particular myth, and I enjoyed reading your story of a behind-the-scenes kind of look.

    1. Thanks, zooky! I usually try to go for some of the more obscure myths…the other gods just keep getting swelled heads 🙂

    1. Haha! So very true, Björn. The gods were a cruel lot sometimes (particularly in the hands of mere mortals–bwahahaha!)!

  2. I can’t imagine a goddess of the sea being too happy there, even if it had water. 🙂 It goes well with the story though, and I like how you’ve pried opened the mind of Thetis a bit to imagine how she would have felt about it.

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