Hagetha Speaks On: Road Rage

I was driving home yesterday, minding my own business, when Hagetha showed up.


She uses magic and what-not, appearing and disappearing whenever she pleases. As it turns out it was a great day to watch weird driving habits. Since she doesn’t drive, Hagetha had some interesting thoughts and commentary, sparked by a particular driver we were watching out for for a few miles; this driver (who might or might not have been the same guy with the, um, er… dangly bits on the back of his pick-up) ducked and weaved between lanes of cars until he exited the highway. So, for your enlightenment, here’s Hagetha’s thoughts on road rage.

We were just a smidge farther east… (Courtesy: hollywoodreporter.com)

Am I seeing this correctly? Why is he moving back and forth between lanes like that? I mean, none of the lanes is moving faster than the other at the moment, so what’s his deal?

At times like this, I don’t answer her (unless she says, “Answer me,” of course; these are almost always one-way conversations). After a second or two she continues:

Look at him–there he goes again! He’s gotten no farther along than when he was two lanes over! I understand how road rage happens now.

I took a chance and asked her what she meant.

If I were driving and saw some maniac jumping from lane to lane in this traffic, I would be disturbed by it. I might even be pushed so far as to invoke some sort of spell upon him, perhaps make his truck disappear and replace it with a tricycle (I warn her not to do so now, since it would probably cause more of a back-up than we were already in; she complies). You see, this is what happens, why there is road rage. Silly people doing silly things amongst well-meaning minions, er…drivers, creates upset, which in turn creates anger. And there you have it; one silly person upsets the wrong minion–I mean, driver–and chaos ensues. 

We watched the guy take an exit at break-neck speed, cutting from the middle lane across the slow lane. I couldn’t argue with Hagetha’s observation. She must have sensed what I was thinking because the next thing I knew, she’d disappeared again and I found her cooking up some gruel in her corner of the cave when I finally made it home.

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  1. Excellent as always! I find the older I get the less able I am to tolerate USELESS DANGEROUS drivers…I have become one of those people who shouts, ‘He didn’t even use his f***king indicator!’

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