Flash! #3: When Worlds Collide

“Crash much?!” Maisy fell against the building as Charisma, the local “men’s entertainer” stumbled over her.

Charisma gave her the finger and brushed herself off, tossing her blond braids defiantly. “Sorry.” She looked at Maisy, who was on her way to her last high school exam. “Look, can you spare a little car fare? I gotta get outta here.” What a way to end the year, Maisy thought as she rooted through her jeans pocket. All she had was a five-dollar bill, which she’d held onto to have lunch with her friends from the Second Life club after the exam. Sighing, she handed it over. She’d seen Charisma almost every day for the last four years and knew what she did when she walked into those alleys with men. Men that looked more like her own father (European business-suit wearing and living easy) and less like Charisma herself (chocolate-mocha and fighting). Charisma looked at the bill in her hand, grabbed Maisy’s arm saying, “C’mon,” and pulled her into a thin doorway. “Look, I appreciate this and I promise I’ll get it back to you. Gimme your number.” Maisy mutely pulled out her mobile and shared the number. “Thanks,” Charisma answered.

The idea for this 200-word piece came from mattaspden28 who maintains a pretty nifty space, titled Matt’s Den 101. Here is his idea as offered in the Flash! You’re It! post from 13 May:

My idea:: Maisy, a sarcastic super geek with an incredibly dry sense of humour in her last year of high school somehow gets involved with helping ‘Charisma’, a 40 something African-American hooker who is on the run from someone. But can she be trusted? Can Maisy help? What is it that draws them together? And ultimately, will either of them ever be the same again…

Number of words:: Between 150-200

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  1. Thank you! So happy you were able to create something so quickly from my idea. I really like it, and can see potential for this to evolve into a much larger story! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on mattsden101 and commented:
    AR Neal is a fantastic Flash Fiction author over at the One Starving Actvist blog, so when asked to provide ideas for a new challenge, I jumped at the chance. This is the result. Enjoy

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