Hagetha Says Your Mistake Is Showing…


Ah. Yes. Well.

For those of you who follow this space, you may have gotten a notification about a post that you can’t find called “Flash! #9.”  That is because the one from whose claws these writings come was supposed to schedule that post to come out a few days from now but in her haste she mashed the “Publish” thingy without changing it from immediate. Do not judge her too harshly for showing her mistake. She makes lots of them. Now, back to your regularly scheduled whatever it was you were doing; move on. There is nothing left to see here. I must go as I’ve got gruel to stir.


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    1. Hi Kelly: I have a post coming with that title but it should not be visible until around the 22nd. I hit “publish” instead of “schedule” so followers of the blog may have gotten a notice about a new post. I was able to correct it though 🙂

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