Hagetha Speaks On: Awards!

Well, I must say that when I got the notification I was very excited. I shared my joy with Hagetha and she got excited too. See?

I am excited.
I am excited.

She was so excited in fact that she wanted to respond to the questions I was given in response to receiving this latest award:

Her primary reason for wanting to answer was that she counts herself much more lovely than I and so therefore she should respond to a One Lovely Blog award. One must always know when to fight and when to acquiesce. So, without further interruption, here’s Hagetha speaking on Awards, specifically, this one:

So, the creature who usually lurks here says that this cave has been given an award. I would like to thank the fabulous DJ Haswell for bestowing this great honor. I am sure that with it I can now take over the greater metropolis and…

Um, Hagetha–these awards are not to be used for world domination.

Oh, erm…sorry. As I was saying, there are some rules involved with this award. Let me go through them to decide if I wish to answer.

If you plan to accept the award–and if you don’t I will–you are supposed to follow the rules as listed.

Very well [exasperated noises from the back of the cave], here we are then.

The rules:

  • Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post: I have done this; see above…
  • Share seven things about you: I will not give away any of my trade secrets, but in an effort to allow others to know more about me, I suppose I will tell a little something…
  • Pass the award on to seven nominees: What?! I have to give away my lovely award? No, Hagetha–you get to keep the award you have. The idea is to honor others too. Oh. That’s different. See below…
  • Thank the person who nominated you: If I had a spare bowl of gruel I would dispatch it immediately to DJ, but since I only made enough for me, I’ll simply say thank you. She has a nice cave over at Mid-Life Adventure. You can visit by clicking on my lovely award.
  • Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs: I will leave this task to the creature who usually lurks here. Thank you, Hagetha…

Seven things:

  1. I used to share a cave with an ogre, but now I live with a most enchanting gentleman… Don’t even try telling the nice people you live with my husband, Hagetha. Oh, you read that, huh? 
  2. I have four flying monkeys. Specifically, two lesser howler monkeys and two madrills. Um, that would be two large house cats and two larger dogs, which actually belong to Christopher and I…
  3. My gruel has been awarded by the Underworld Chef’s Association as Most Disturbing for five years running. Yeah, that one’s true.
  4. My favorite pet was an Emperor Scorpion named Andreas [sniff]. 
  5. My favorite dessert is Philadelphia’s Pumpple Cake. For those interested, it is made of layers of apple and pumpkin pie then coated thickly with buttercream frosting. Will only set you back a mere 1800 calories a slice.
  6. I can teleport. She practices by beaming herself into my car. Whilst I am driving. Yeah.
  7. I have a sister; some people say she looks like me.
Yo! I'm Hagetha's sister. Name's Anouk; dad had a thing for Egypt...
Yo! I’m Hagetha’s sister. Name’s Anouk; dad had a thing for Egypt…

Seven nominees:

Thanks for hanging in there; Hagetha can be entertaining, can’t she? Anyway, here are my nominees, in no particular order, for this wonderful award.

Zebra Crossing

Especially Made

Sotet Angyal

The Paperbook Blog

Nadeen’s Reading Corner

AP Roberts’ Stories

Catching Happy

And there you have it, folks!

Since this was my post to begin with, I will concur with the selections. Now, back to the cave to work on the Friday Night special gruel. 


Oh! and if you are curious about the cake, visit the Flying Monkey (appropriate, no?) website. I’m not sure if you want to brave the Pummple, but there are plenty of others to choose from! (pssst! for those of you who want to avoid Hagetha’s gaze whilst you admire the award, you can check it out over on the Trophy Shelf too)

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  1. Thankyou so much for the nomination! What a lovely thing to wake up to this morning…Hagatha is obviously being her usual entertaining, hilarious self. Great fun reading through this!

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