Trifextra Sixty-Eight and Write 4 Ten Mashup: The Queen’s Husband

Jane crawled from underneath the bedroom duvet, honey dripping from her lips, which always took Matt by surprise; he felt ready to topple. Beekeeping was more than a hobby. It was his life.

Please do not ask me where this came from.

Okay, you twisted my arm: I’ll tell you.

I popped in to Write 4 Ten, where the prompt today was “bedroom”, and the Trifextra had a 30-plus challenge (note the three underlined words). And there you have it.

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  1. THAT is just so funny! She is funny, as he is, with his hobby that means everything! What a superb, superb piece…opens up so much…mysterious, absurd, deadly, sensual, everything there.

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