Daily Post: The Gift

The dream of moving to the desert had come true. We gave away stuff in stacks in an effort to trim down what needed to be packed. It didn’t work. The added issue was the vehicle we had stashed away in the garage; it had been there for a year. We couldn’t get it running and needed it. A call was made, and an answer was received in the form of a summons to the office of a friend. Upon arrival, an envelope passed with a number of crisp bills in it and a note; the friend stated that a bank he was not (so no repayment needed to be made) but a friend with well-wishes for new beginnings he was. Thankfulness, enhanced by sun and desert heat, still abounds.

True story, provided courtesy of today’s Daily Prompt:

Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.

Without this friend we would have lost one of our vehicles before moving to Southern California. Ironically, out of the two with which we came, the one on which we were able to repair with the aid of a friend is the one we still own; mine had to be retired/replaced.

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