Flash! #6: Tea-Time

“Fifi! Get back here!” Sandra got along with dogs and the extra income helped off-set her tuition to beauty school. But it seemed that every walk with Fifi was a new adventure; Sandra did not understand her elderly neighbor’s love for this dog at all. It was spoiled rotten. Now here she was, scuffing her neatly polished Swildens as the dog trotted farther into the woods. In less than a minute, Sandra lost sight of Fifi; as she dashed through the brush she came into a clearing. The clearing. The one with the house tree. Everyone in town called it that because it was obviously a tree but its base looked much like a house. Including a door that was always closed. Until today. As Sandra cleared the brush completely, she saw Fifi’s tail disappearing into the open door in the tree. “Fifi!” she yelped, fearing both for the dog and herself should she have to enter such a place.

“Come in, dear; no need to panic,” Sandra looked in and saw Fifi curled comfortably in the lap of the troll, who obviously lived in the house tree. “Tea?” the troll asked cheerily, at which point, Sandra passed out.

The idea for this 199-word piece came from TrashBash at (where else?!?) The Trash Bash. Here is her idea as offered in the Flash! You’re It! post from 13 May:

My idea:: There’s a tree in the wood with a door. No one knows how it got there, but its there and no one can remove it.

One day a young woman is walking her elderly neighbours dog through the wood but the dog, Fifi, runs off. when she chases after it, she ends up infront of the tree, only this time its door is wide open, and …

Number of words:: Between 150-200
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