Picture It & Write, 19 May 2013: When Attitude Becomes a Detriment

Miranda was always cheeky; from the age of six she had flaunted the fact that she would be chosen for sacrifice one day. Her attitude somehow garnered her a gaggle of followers who, rather than being in awe of her, trailed her in order to gather more information from the stories and lies she spouted. They would go off together, out of her sight, and talk about her, saying how she would get hers one day.

Finally, the day came when Miranda was chosen by the Elders. She had grown up knowing all the stories of all the gods and goddesses and was not impressed when they chose Chalchiuhtlicue for her. Instead of putting on the traditional ceremonial accoutrements, Miranda flounced out in a black dress, red shoes, and makeup (her horrified parents now understood why she had spent so much time trying to get the attention of the traders who had come near their village last spring). She even had the audacity to take a book out with her. Miranda of course did all that for show; she had stopped believing in the gods and goddesses long ago. Her plan was to show the village that such deities no longer existed, or perhaps had simply stopped caring. When she wasn’t taken into the waters by Chalchiuhtlicue, they would still have babies, the world would keep spinning, and so on. She placed herself, careful not to touch the water in the unfortunate event that there was a water goddess down there. What she didn’t realize was that the corner of her flashy red wrap had already been touched by Chalchiuhtlicue.

A little tale of Aztec gods and goddesses for this week’s Picture It & Write. Click below to add yours. Also, if you are interested in some of the other Aztec deities, visit here.


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    1. Thank you so much! Yours was extremely powerful… I read it to my husband after he heard me going “wow!” after reading it!

    1. Hey there, Tony! I have been fascinated for some time by Egyptian, Greek, and Aztec gods (surprise, right?) and the lengths people will go to in order to appease them 🙂

  1. This picture is really doing a good job of illustrating how inspiration really lives within us first. We look at the picture for it, and write what comes out, but then what comes out was really not too far from the surface was it?

    This reminded me of all the crazy research I did on the Mayans for that one short little legend I made up, and so naturally, you sent me to do some more reading. I love the translation of her name! I was shocked to learn the Aztecs actually sacrificed babies to her husband! Truth as strange as fiction! Thanks for another education, AR!

    1. Thank you so much, Anne! Yes, there are some very amazing cultural stories that fall into the “stranger than truth” category 😯

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