Story A Day May #20 and 100 WCGU Week 84: Living for the City

Mordecai’s parents knew they needed to get him away from the village; Why take him away at such a young age? He is only 16, the elders had questioned. They had already seen the damage wrought by life in the city. Life with humans. They felt he was far too young—still almost an infant—to be taken away from his kind. His parents were progressives, tired of the in-breeding already rampant in the village. They felt a little human strain might be good. He was ready; his fangs had grown and the points were sharp. He needed little else.

I decided to do a little 100-word mashup for WCGU and Story A Day today. Click for the prompts and add yours!

And for you audiophiles, yes, it is also a nod to Stevie:

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  1. “To be or not to be,” said the Caesar salad before Nadeen’s Mom-in-law scoffed it down. (here is a little Shakes–speare—to go with your vegimite sandwich. Personally, I’d prefer shaking some Ground Beef or Chicken on there.

  2. This sounds like the opening of a story I would definitely read, I’m disappointed we only get to hear 100 words!

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