A Second and Third Liebster Have Caused a Rip in Space-Time!

Theresa from Theresa’s Blog was so kind to nominate me, oh, about a zillion days ago, for a Liebster (actually, it was on 18 May–close enough in blog days…).

As if that wasn’t enough of a kick in the pants, I received another Liebster from Glynis over at The Between! She gave me the award just mere moments ago.

I would love to accept them both but there are two teeny weeny things that prevent me from running off to the deepest recesses of the cave, hugging said awards:

  1. I have one already and I don’t want to be greedy (well, yes I do, but that’s not polite)
  2. I actually don’t qualify (sniff) because, thanks to the wonderful pixies over at WordPress who allowed me to be Freshly Pressed, I have more than the requisite number of followers (yay! but how weird is that? I mean, it’s cool, but it’s weird that you all are out there, lurking beyond the edges of the cave, reading what goes on here…wow)

So, to that end, I hate for good awards, like good cookies, to go to waste. So, in order to repair the rip in space-time that this conundrum has caused (not really, but it sounds good and dramatic), I would like to gift these two lovely batches of cookies awards to two of my newest followers who have less than 200 followers.

Now, before you get your slacks in a bundle, your skirt in a tie-up, or something, I understand there are a couple of different sets of rules running rampant on the interwebz about the Liebster: one set of rules says the follower thing, whilst the other set does not. Yeah, well, there it is. I guess I’m a rule-follower today. Trust me, I’ll be over it by tomorrow.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled gifting.

I am happy to gift the first Liebster to Shooting Stars and Pixie Dust and the second to The Wizard’s Word, two of my newest bloggy-followers. For details on the rules that you may or may not want to follow, click up on the links to Theresa’s or Glynis’s blogs (or both). Enjoy!

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  1. and how does Hagetha feel about all of this time travel, does Hagetha have a ticket to ride or is Hagetha not a Beetles kinda being.

  2. Congratulations on the third award and, strangely enough, hooray for having too many “followers” to accept! I think “Gifting” or “Re-gifting” these awards is an excellent way to deal with the “rip in space-time.”

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