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Okay, so I wasn’t slapped, I was tagged. Thankfully it’s a totally different thing, most of the time. However, play the right game of tag and it can seem like you were slugged with a sock full of nickles.

Anyway I digress. His royalness over at thematticuskingdom tagged me after he was tagged. Yeah, that’s how the whole thing works: you get tagged, you tag somebody else. Get it? So now I’m here, sharing the tag love. Awww…

The cool part is, being tagged makes me It.

I’m It. And you’re going to like It.

And of course, there are rules. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m following the rules today and so will comply. Here they are:

1. Post these rules. Check.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you. My photo is my gravatar for this bloggy-space, so that’s covered too. Slight deviation: I’ve posted random facts about myself in a few different places…if the super sleuth in you is interested, feel free to use the search box and type in “awards;” you’ll find more random facts than you wished for…
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post. Provided below.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them. (giggle, snort) Yep, covered, below.
5. Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged.Am hoping that, by linking, I can get this done via pingback.

Here are the questions which, under threat of dismissal from the kingdom (or something…the “threat” was cleverly veiled), I am answering:

1.  What movie quote do you use most often? “They’re coming to get you Barbara” (Night of the Living Dead). We use it all the time.
2.  Who is your current favorite actor or actress? I would have to say Mako Iwamatsu (voice of Aku in the Samurai Jack cartoons, Iroh in the Avatar cartoons and regular movie actor).
3.  What “summer blockbuster” are you most looking forward to? None, since I am far too much of a skin-flint to go to the movies; that’s what that cable box thingy I pay zillions of dollars for each month is for. I wait for all the movies to come out and I watch them in the comfort of my own home, where I can yell at the screen as much and as often as I like. And when that fails, there’s Redbox.
4.  What is one of the movies you have been most disappointed by after waiting eagerly for its debut? That’s a hard one, since I manage to find something to laugh at in every movie.
5.  Who is your current least favorite actor or actress? I don’t have enough time or space to list them all…
6.  Why? I’m picky like that…
7.  What is one book you’ve read recently that you would like to get seen made into a movie? God, Harlem USA: The Father Divine Story
8.  Who would you cast into the main roles? I would like to see Forest Whitaker play Father Divine, for sure.
9.  Why? He’s crazy versatile.
10.  Do you have a book that you love that you hope never gets made into a movie? The Brief History of the Dead
11.  If so, what is it and why?  If not, congratulations, you don’t have to to do anything else. There is too much the imagination can do with the story (and from the photo on the front of the book) that I’d like to leave it there. Now that being said, if the right director came along…

My 11 questions:

  1. Coffee, tea, or both?
  2. Why?
  3. Yellow or white paper?
  4. What’s the strangest surface upon which you have recorded a story idea?
  5. Worst nightmare: vampire, werewolf, or ghoul?
  6. Why?
  7. What movie or cartoon gadget would you like to have in real life and why?
  8. If money were no object, where would you live?
  9. What’s your least favorite food and why?
  10. Cookies, cakes, or both?
  11. Motorcycle or car?

My list of the tagged (yeah, it’s less than 11, but the day is waning and the rule-following is wearing me out):


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