Flash! #9: Fear and Thirsting

Q was good at her job, whatever it was. She was a freelance artist, serving on a hit squad one week, courier the next; today, her orders had sent her to a large manufacturer of various containers. Their primary resource seemed to be water bottles. She snickered at the thought and took her own from the pack she carried; this bottle did not contain water but a thin loose powder. The instructions that had come with the bottle indicated that under no circumstances should she allow the contents to touch her flesh, and exposure to clothing materials was suspect. She pulled out her biohazard mask, which was more of a hooded affair. She took no chances.

It was 2am local time and the second 12-hour shift was in full-swing. Q touched the lever on her suit and went stealth in order to enter the facility unnoticed. She had already disabled the infrared scanner and avoided the security patrol. Her next step was to make it to the bonding floor where the bottles were put together and sealed; it was there were she was to empty her bottle. She took a sip from her aluminum water container and continued on.

The idea for this 199-word starter came in response to a prompt from Cheri Speak who presides over her self-named space, Cheri Speak which you can find here. Here is her idea as offered in the Flash! You’re It! post from 13 May:

My idea:: A water bottle manufacturing plant has been infiltrated by a bio terrorist…

Number of words:: Between 150-200

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  1. Ahhhh I wanted to keep reading! So engaging, this really sucked me in. Who is she trying to poison? Who does she work for? Why is she doing it? What’s going to happen to everyone who buys water??? I’m working the rest of the story out in my head right now…
    Excellent and entertaining, as per usual.

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