Friday Fictioneers are Promptless, Season 2 Episode 2: A Vision of the Desired Call

“It’s a what?” she asked. If she’d had a calendar, she’d have noticed it was his birthday.

Herb looked at her, smiling in his crooked way. “A vision board; it is a representation of my greatest dream. Besides you of course.”

She figured they needed a good laugh right about now. “Okay, I’ll bite. Tell me more.”

“When I feel down, I come look at it and imagine what it’ll be like when I call her.” She knew he meant his daughter. “I’d tell her we hit it big, I’m coming to get her, and we ain’t homeless no more.”

Copyright: Danny Bowman

It must be a day for combinations! I put together this little 100-word piece for this week’s For the Promptless as well as Friday Fictioneers.

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  1. I read it a few times – A flash of hope. I did something life changing on Tuesday, on Wednesday after my writing class I made a vision board (finally) since then life has changed lanes. Like the idea of the vision board made by a homeless character.

    1. Aha! You got me with that one; I saw your comment while on my mobile and of course the “But I do have a problem with it” line came through at the top of the scroll–yikes! 😀

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