Saturday Centus, Week 161: The After Story

They were in the crowd when it happened and took a table in back of the city restaurant after. Quietly they told the story, not of the man but of the miracle. There were many who asked questions like if he was so fabulous why did it end like this? The men usually answered, “Because this is how it goes.” The girl who had seen their friend at the campfire had the most questions; she had seen his reaction when the rooster had crowed the third time. She wanted to know why they gave so much, to which they responded, “All gave some. Some gave all.”

In honor of the US holiday known as Memorial Day, Jenny gave us the prompt above in bold underline. For those unfamiliar with the day, it is celebrated every year in honor of those who have died in service to the country. Visit here for specifics. I decided to go back a bit farther than 1868 for my story of sacrifice. To add your 106 words, click below:


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