DP Challenge: Don’t Poke At the Bears

As soon as he opened his eyes he knew something was terribly wrong. His field of vision was off and for some reason he was unsteady on his feet; he was on all fours, but for some reason his arms were almost the same length as his legs. But most of all he itched. All over. From what he could tell, he was outside but in a park or something. It looks like the zoo!

The last thing he remembered was the old crone who had come up to him when he was making faces at the bear; it was an ugly thing. The sign had suggested it was suffering from some sort of skin disorder. How would you like it if people were making fun of you? She had asked. She had mumbled something, spat on the ground, and limped away. As he scratched his posterior he wondered again where he was.


Here’s another for today’s DP Challenge. By the way, that is actually a bear who has a skin disorder. Click on the photo to go to the Facebook page where I found it.

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