DP meets 100 WCGU #91: An Anthopod Amongst Reptiles

Jill grew tired of being different. She went out into the fractured daylight to allow the radiation to soak into her body.


“Look at Jill,” Marguerite said, mockingly; her transformation had caused her perfect diction to take on a reptilian hiss just like the other mutants had and she worked hard to overcome it by staying away from “s” words. The others swiveled necks and pointed claws toward Jill as she skittered over on all eight’s. A jab and Marguerite fell to the ground as Jill attempted a smile with her chelicerae; there’s always a sting in the tail.

Today’s DP Creative Writing Challenge wanted to know what happens when humans transform into animals, while the 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups gave the prompt above in bold underline. Okay, so my people turned into reptiles, except for Jill, who turned into a scorpion (by the way, “chelicerae” is what a scorpion’s mouth is called…learn something new every day).  How could I not combine them into a single 100-word piece?! Link with your offering(s) today.

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