The Write Now! Story A Day #28 Mash-Up: Little Johnny

Johnny had a desk in the front of the room; it had his name taped to it and his worn crayons were inside, marinating in the remnants of the crayons of thousands of other children who had sat in that seat before him. He figured it had to be thousands, since his school had been built in 1922 (the big brick outside said so) and the desk, with its attached chair, had to be just as ancient. He was working on his morning assignments and had just finished his letter-tracing page. He turned it in and when he got back to his seat noticed the next page in his assignment book was math. The thought of attempting the problems on the page terrified him because the harder he tried, the less he could remember.

I absolutely disliked elementary school. One of the first things that caused me to have problems there was mathematics. Today’s Story A Day prompt asks us to write a little something about a child, while the Write Now! prompt (indicated above in bold underline) makes us think of what we might struggle to remember. I offer these 134 words in response to both. Follow the links and add yours…

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  1. I was okay with mathematics until I reached Junior High school. After that, it was all down hill 🙁 I felt for your poor little MC.

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