Daily Prompt meets Story A Day May #29: Enough of Facebook

Andy’s addiction to Facebook was legendary; he had access to it on every electronic device he owned and checked it multiple times each hour.

As he logged on to check his feed he noticed an unfamiliar name alongside a post that depicted his favorite in the presidential race in a very negative light; he tried to remove it but nothing he tried worked. He posted to his friends that the comments contained in the post were not his and followed it with a note to the Facebook help desk, requesting their assistance. He received no reply and by the next day had forgotten about it.

Things were going fairly well in Andy’s Facebook world; his game play stat’s were high and his farm was thriving but on Tuesday he noticed a very provocative post in his feed. He tried every trick he knew and even took to an internet search engine in an effort to see if there was anything he might have missed. Every effort to eliminate the offensive material was thwarted. After contacting the Facebook help desk again and getting a formed reply indicating the post did not violate the content policy, Andy sent private messages to his friends; Andy decided that he’d had enough of Facebook and closed his account, while his friends wondered why he simply had not checked his security settings.

The pixies over at the Daily Prompt asked us to consider the current issue with Facebook’s apparent hands-off attitude toward the moderation of content, while Story A Day asked us to explore what it might be like to have a character who is unable to get something he or she wants. Click the links to add yours today.

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  1. I Am not your regular face booker, why I guess is why I agree with AR NEAL the writer, I only post certain stuff on my FB as in youtube stuff, or photos ,rarely will I play games, or use it for what I call a soap opera chat room.
    In fact in reading this story I see a familiar situation I have with Yard barker, a blog place ? you wouldn’t know it by reading their Hottest blogs, about 99.9% is about the Philadelphia eagles, I have as the story goes tried to get the management of yardbarker to retool the site, or something allowing more bloggers the chance to blog? will they? NO they Ignore or they don’t care> I think it sad when the ad, for yard barker is misleading, making it look like a great blog site ,
    I am still blogging there, maybe hoping something will be done.

    1. That is wonderful that you care enough to stay with this blog space; hopefully your encouragement and diligence will pay off.

  2. Since I don’t have FB I skipped today’s prompt. I think you’ve done a great job of creating this scene. Is that what it is really like? You have no control to remove items from your “personal” page that are posted by others?

    1. Well, I might have exaggerated just a pinch 😯 but if the personal settings on your page are not set properly you can have all sorts of things visible to everyone. It is important to be vigilant.

  3. I’m only still on facebook because I’m an admin on a page which shares animals in need of homes and other useful/enjoyable items about animals. Beyond that (and wasting time with Pyramid Solitaire or the silly Candy Crush game) I find Facebook to be puerile at best and offensive at worst.

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