Story A Day Follow-Up

Julie over at Story A Day asked us the following questions as follow-up to a month of daily prompts; I’ve added my answers to each:

  • Were there days it was really hard for you to write? (Sundays are bad for me.) I think the hardest days for me were when I tried to write too many pieces on the same day; it wasn’t that there was a day of the week that was more difficult–it was more an issue of volume…
  • Were there times when writing worked best? Morning? Evening? Lunchtime? 10 minutes sprints in parking lots between sales calls?) I love to write, so I jumped on fairly early in the day.
  • Did you discover you could start a story and come back to it later in the day? (This was one of my revelations the first year I tried the challenge.) I think I pressure myself when it comes to finishing a story.
  • Did you find ways to write even when you weren’t in the mood? (Hint: you’re going to need them. Write them down!) Again, the pressure I put on myself to complete made me write no matter what. I even got irritated if I couldn’t get to the prompt at the time I wanted…I think I got into the trend of writing every day thanks to Camp NaNoWriMo in April.
  • What did you learn on your best, worst, and middling days? (Mediocre days are plentiful. Pay attention to how you got the work done on those days, for future reference.) I learned that I love writing for prompts.
  • Did you discover a style, a voice, a genre or a length that fitted you best? (Was it the style/voice/genre you *thought* was going to be your best?) I enjoyed having the challenge of writing for different styles. I do like the shorter length options and think I’ll be sticking with short pieces and flash.
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