Today’s Author-Friday Fictioneers, 31 May 2013: The Outfit

The outfit she was handed was like nothing she’d ever worn before and she was afraid that it would explode in her hands. “Air stops its volatility,” Marco said absentmindedly from behind his rock glass. She held it gingerly by the hanger and tiptoed to the balcony, where she hung it in the breeze. It immediately stopped ticking and she took a deep breath after realizing that she had stopped breathing from the moment Marco had given her the weapon. “Girl,” he laughed, “you should see your face! You act like you’ve never dealt with weapons before!”

She didn’t like Marco but he was the only Tailor in a 100-mile radius. Her boss insisted she be nice to him; “It’s not smart to cross a Tailor,” Seth said often to remind her how scarce the weapons-makers had become. “Nobody sews dresses like him; his work will keep you alive.”

She tried to smile to appease both Marco and Seth and as the Tailor relaxed, she knew she would get through this job okay. She glanced out the window at the weapon and felt worry creep back in. She turned fully to Marco. “Thank you–your work is beautiful. I’m sure it will get the job done.”

Courtesy: Janet Webb

Ah, it’s Friday and I am finally getting to a couple of prompts. I decided to combine the prompt from Today’s Author (see the bold and underlined line) and from Rochelle (click the photo). Just a little thing to get your weekend started…add yours before the Tailor shows up with a dress for you…

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  1. A great idea to combine the challenges – loved the idea – you could work with the team that make Bond gadgets for the next movie!

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