VisDare 22: Fallen

“Why don’t you just apologize?” Her sisters continued to ask, day in and day out as they floated leisurely on gossamer. She rarely replied from her perch down below. It would be embarrassing to apologize, she figured. After all, she only wanted her due; was it right that she be punished for that? What was the purpose of being supreme if wanting to be more or better than those weak creations was wrong? Despite the suggestions of her sisters and their assumptions that all she did down there was mope all day, she had actually formed a plan; if those creations were as weak as she thought, she might just be able to control them. And in that case, being fallen wouldn’t be so bad at all, at least for a while.

What must it be like to be a fallen angel? Here are 132 words that suggest a possibility. Pop on over to this week’s VisDare to give your thoughts on this image.

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