Daily Post: Lost and Found

He needed to get the writing done. Today. There was a deadline and if he didn’t make it, he wouldn’t make it; his head would be removed from his neck. As he sat staring at the empty screen and equally empty page, he knew he needed inspiration. He turned on the television and scanned the movie channels, and there it was–the movie. As he sat and the television chattered at him, his fingers began to flow effortlessly across the keyboard. He only needed a draft; edits would come later, but he scanned for continuity nonetheless. He heard the heavy boots approaching his apartment door and smiled. Between the second and third knock, he hit ‘send’ and off went his submission. A pause and the heavy boots moved away, until next time.

Writer’s block is a terrible thing, particularly when we have committed to completing a particular piece of writing by a certain date or time. Consider writing for a class or for publication–it is the same; it can feel like we will die should we not meet that deadline! However, when we tap into our sources of inspiration we can often overcome the monster of an empty head.

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