Saturday Centus, 162: Weeping and Endurance

If a June night could talk it would gather its skirts and sit beneath a weeping willow to share stories of love and loss. It would bask in the setting sun, remembering the smell of barbeque meals cooked and eaten, laughter shared, and kisses stolen in moonlight. It would look at the willow as it nods with sadness and would join its mourning by lidding its eyes in preparation for night, when all memories have sharp edges. It would smile back at the stars with eyes glowing in reflection of its brother, the sun, whose rising inspires joy at the possibilities of renewal in morning’s light.

This week’s Centus reminded me of this verse from the Bible for some reason. We may sit in sorrow for a time, but there is joy to be had in the future…

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    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! I have a few scholarly articles in academic journals and a couple fiction pieces online. I am working on publishing my novella before the end of the year (literary fiction), and am hoping to get some speculative fiction published too 🙂

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