100 WCGU #92 and Write On Edge: The End of Exploration

Commander Hardley! This viscous substance has us trapped; we’ve pushed the engines hard but we’re stuck like a Plutonian bat monkey to its cave. The news from the scout ship crackled across space time. Whatever you do Hardley, please don’t come down here; take a look. A fuzzy image appeared on the viewer and the commander could see nothing but yellow outside the ship’s windshield. The mission was obviously a loss.


“Ouch!” Sally exclaimed, pulling the bright piece of bubblegum from her mouth; she squeezed it between her fingers until she found the small bit of oddly shaped gray metal.

Again, I couldn’t resist. The 100 WCGU’s prompt was “yellow” and Write On Edge gave us “bubblegum.” Click either (or preferably, both!) badges below and join in the fun!

100wcgu-7             WriteOnEdge

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  1. I liked that. I actually made me chuckle out loud at the idea of the poor crew being engulfed by gum. Great use of the prompt!

  2. This has all the right ingrediants – science-fiction/supernatural is big, and the ‘theatre of absurd’ ending gives a nice finish -and of course well written as always!

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