Daily Prompt: Savory

“Try it, dear–it tastes just like chicken parmigiano, mashed potatoes,” she paused to lick her lips, “and apple pie!”

I rolled my eyes, which had more moisture in them than my mouth did. “I can’t.”

She couldn’t understand my reluctance. “I don’t get you,” she said with that tone in her voice. “I’m telling you, you can’t tell the difference. The taste is exactly the same.”

“What if I wanted some steak sauce?”

That made her blow a gasket. “What?! Why would you want to taste steak sauce on chicken parm?”

“No, I mean if it was steak.”

She gave pause. “Well, I’m not sure.” She brightened at the thought I would go for it. “We could go ask the nice man at the store about it though; they probably have some option where you can mix and match ingredients. I think those are the red pills; I’ve only tried the blue ones.”

I ran a dry tongue across drier lips. “No. I’ll pass.”

Anyone who knows me knows also that I am something of a “foodie.” I like to eat, but only certain things. I enjoy cheesy dishes, savory near-rare steaks (sometimes with steak sauce), and various sweets, among other things. The actual list is too boring long to provide here. The pixies over at the Daily Prompt asked this question today, and I think the last line of my short conversation above sums up my response:

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill β€” no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation β€” would you do it?

However, I am sure my waistline would approve if I said yes…

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    1. Hmmmm, while orange does make for a lovely color palette on a plate, the idea of mashing the pills does not bring me any greater sense of desire; what of all those warnings on the package about swallowing and not crushing or chewing the pills?!? 😯

        1. Hahaha! You almost made me spew that bite of lunch sandwich on that one (note to self: do not read comments from EG when eating lunch. Check.)…

  1. Besides, a silly pill for a meal wouldn’t provide any of the joy to be found in being creative in the kitchen, making a mess, experimenting with flavors (as you covered), etc… the fun of cooking together as a family. No thanks!

  2. I saw this prompt – maybe I will get back into the daily prompt once I have internet access at home.
    Succulent, tasty write! And so much more appetising than a red or blue pill!

  3. You gave me the hebbie jebbies! I hope the world never becomes such a sad place that we would seek food flavors from pills…!

    1. Hi Dagny–I agree with you; I would so dislike not having food options, although the prompt reminded me of the “Jetsons” cartoon…they made it look okay πŸ™‚

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