Daily Story A Day 5 June 2013: Never Pesevered

“I can’t believe you’ve never done it,” Arlene was astonished. Tess lowered her head a bit; Arlene was so much more the daredevil than she. “Right,” Arlene announced with authority, “today, things change. Today you will do it!”

Tess took off her glasses, her expression suddenly grave. “No.”

Arlene drew back and upset her tea; after righting the cup and wiping the slosh from the table, she crossed her arms and leaned in. “What do you mean, ‘no’? How can you let an opportunity like this go by? You’ve never written about it?” She snorted in a way that Tess found most unpleasant. “You are probably the only one who’s never written about it. And you call yourself a romance novelist.”

Tess adored her friend but found her a bit crass much of the time. “Listen,” she opened her hands in a peaceful gesture, “not every romance novelist writes about gratuitous sex; like a good lover, I want my admirers to leave wanting more.” She blushed.

Arlene was not convinced. “I’ve never seen a successful one get away with it.”

“I have,” Tess retorted, which stumped Arlene for a few moments.

Finally, her shoulders slumped; Arlene lifted her tea cup in salute. “I don’t know how you’ve persevered so long without it, but here’s to many more years and many more royalty checks!”

Tess touched her tea cup to Arlene’s. “Here, here!”

If you hadn’t noticed by now, I am not a romance writer. For those of you who can put ooey-gooey words down on paper (or up on your computer screen) and make them sound sensual and good, more power to you. I don’t even do well watching romance movies. I have gotten better over the past few years, but you will rarely catch me voluntarily watching a film that is primarily tagged as a romance. Call it a character flaw, or simply the result of a weird life journey, but it’s not my thing. I’ve managed to (as Story A Day suggested in today’s prompt) persevere without writing in sex scenes, although (and this is a bit contrary to today’s Daily Prompt) I am sure I could come up with a suitably steamy scene if needed. I do have a vivid imagination as well as, erm, some ah, uh… research archives! Yeah–research archives I could refer to… quit snickering over there.

However, it is not my intention to personally write the sexy stuff. Not really my favorite genre. As if you hadn’t figured that out. Right–now back to your regularly scheduled programming on this channel…

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