Daily Prompt: Stars

Welcome to this week’s edition of ‘On Film,’ with your hosts Richard Gebert and Bean Sickle.

Gebert: This week we are looking at the life and times of a would-be author.

Sickle: Yes, Richard; ‘would-be’ is a great term since she still has a day-job other than writing.

Gebert: [laughs] I guess she wants to have a roof over her head and to feed her family, eh Bean?

Sickle: Well, she’s no Bradbury after all. What do you give her?

Gebert: She does have a couple of non-fiction publications under her belt and has been working on the fiction bit, but she tends to stay in her own head a lot. If she could get a handle on the fact that we can’t see into that convoluted brain of hers to get the rest of the story she didn’t put on paper, maybe we could get somewhere. I give her two stars.”

Sickle: That seems harsh, Richard; she’s worked hard as a daughter, wife, mom, and employee. I give her three stars.

Gebert: You do make a good point, Bean; she is more than her writing. I’ll go with three stars also.
Well, that’s our show for today! Tune in tomorrow when we’ll review the life and times of the crew behind the Daily Post!

This old girl’s not perfect, but she continues to fight the good fight. The Daily Post folks, who better dress nicely for their interview wtih Sickle and Gebert tomorrow, wanted us to

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.

 Stop on over and add yours today.

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