Flash in the Pan: The Reaper

It was at that unspoken hour that he arrived in darkness. “Bring me my usual,” he said with a voice like old oil.

She placed a cup of strong black coffee in front of him. “Why do you come to the diner at this hour?” She asked it every time, knowing he wouldn’t answer.

He checked his schedule, confirmed what he already knew, and smiled sadly at the waitress. “I’ve come for you, this time.”

Thought I’d give this one a whirl–Flash in the Pan is a site that offers single word prompts with varying word counts. This one’s got to be 75 or less…

Click the bold underlined word to visit the site and add yours.

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  1. Sweet! I am thrilled about all the killing and strange things we have going into this book! I am in the company of some really talented, twisted people! *grins*

    Psst, thank you, Susan.

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