Hot Flash: The New Guy

He was the new guy and everyone wanted to get close to him. There was something magnetic about him; before he arrived, no one took coffee breaks but now everyone wanted to be in there with him.

“What is it?” Joe asked.

Martha smiled. “He smells like chocolate.”

You are smiling, just like Martha, aren’t you? I was wandering around M3 and came upon the Hot Flash section. Click on the bold underlined word for more.

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  1. Do they sell that by the bottle. If so I’ll take a case. I’ve never known a woman who didn’t like the smell of chocolate.


    1. Hahaha! Very true, Dennis! I was allergic to chocolate as a child but still tried to get it at every opportunity; in the end, I overcame the allergy. I think if it came in a cologne, the company that produced it would make a mint 😉

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