Līgo Haībun: The Conquest

He knew she would come, bright-eyed idealist that she was. She spent her days gallivanting with her mate, enjoying the bounty of life; not once did she look his way and why should she? Of low standing and scaly visage, crawling upon his belly, limbless— he was not much of a catch. But today his plan would be realized and his true and awful power revealed. With great effort he climbed into the Tree and waited. Nearer she came and had he had arms with which to grasp he would have pulled her to his cold chest and held her. Instead, he called out, beckoning her with sweet nothings and platitudes until she could barely see straight. He knew she could not—would not—ever fall for his syrupy nattering, which he would have loved to whisper into her lovely and soft-looking ear. He had worked on his discourse and by the dreamy look in her eyes had perfected his pitch; it was ever so difficult for him to enunciate the words properly. But as she reached into the Tree, he knew he had won. She took her prize; as she left he smiled, knowing that she had just placed the souls of many in his hands.

low hanging fruit brings

joyless hardship sadness pain

to all except one

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I have been away from the Līgo Haībun challenge for a while, but decided to tackle this photo. Click the photo to add yours.

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  1. Okay, first, I’m glad I wasn’t the female there with this particular snake. I would so have grabbed the apple myself, speaking honestly here. Your words are as sinuous as the slithering snake. And to write it from the snake’s (evil) perspective, clever indeed. A wonderfully enjoyable read for me. Your haiku adding perfectly the finishing touch! Extremely well done!

    1. Thank you so much, Penny! I agree with you; I can’t imagine being the first female…especially if I was the flawed female I am today 😉

  2. I agree with Penny when she refers to your sinuous language, like the slithering snake. Very nice. And your haiku follows seamlessly.

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