VisDare #26: Finding Myself

I was angry at myself for going into the deep parts of Old Jerusalem; all I wanted was information, a map, something. Over coffee with Pavel, for who the term “friend” was a stretch since we’d never met face-to-face prior to this trip, conversation was brief. “You are looking for yourself, chaverah.” I thought it was quaint that he used the Hebrew word for friend in his attempt to comfort me. We wound through alleys and I breathed in history. Soon enough, we entered a narrow doorway, the irony of which was not lost on me. Stepping out of deep gloom, we came into a breezy and larger space where a loose gathering of people sat before a man older than time. My guide, muse, and confidant led me closer. “Look at him,” he motioned toward the map of the man’s face. “Do you now see?”

Yes, I saw clearly.

I offer my 150 words above for VisDare this week.

We sometimes go to great lengths to find ourselves and at the end of the quest we often are puzzled that the answer was right before us all along. Looking into the faces of my elders often reminds me that one day I may be looked upon for answers too; hopefully I will be able to reflect truth as well as this gentleman.

Narrow is the gate...

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