Saturday Centus Week 168: Pilgrimage to an Unknown Future

I crossed the mountains after leaving my kinfolk; they thought me mad to want something more. I smiled as I blended into the crags and sidewalls but my blending was not enough.

 I barely felt the talons of the winged beast as it lifted me far about the ground.

I barely felt the release as it dropped me in the desert, which seemed endless as a dragged myself forward.

Only once was my path crossed, but that was many hours ago. The stranger said, “Don’t give up,” and drag-hopped his way diagonally from me.

I take his advice to heart.

It takes perseverance to branch out and sometimes the journey is less than safe, the path less than anticipated. I know what that feels like.

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  1. Hey there! It really is a pleasure to read your work! The “and drag-hopped his way diagonally from me” gives me such an image of heaviness- almost something tragic. The stranger is right though: Don’t give up! Take care!

  2. Such great words, never give up, and throw away the word never even! Great inspiring piece.

  3. ‘They thought me mad’. I love that phrasing.

    Totally love it!

    This was really a neat use of the picture.

    I was sad a family issue prevented me from writing something from it.

    You really did a neat job with it!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! Love Saturday Centus… I think we need a T-shirt or bag just for SC. I would sport it in a heartbeat!