For the Promptless Season 2, Episode 9: It’s the Plumber…

WARNING: the following is a teeny bit macabre. Viewer discretion is advised.

“…and I’ve come to fix the sink!”

Every time they said it, they burst into belly-aching laughter; unfortunately neither of them could remember where the joke had originated but knew it was funny. So as to not get freaked out by the absurdity of their situation they kept telling it and laughing. “Hand me the, um…whats-it-called,” he said to her.

“The thingamajig?” She said back, handing it to him with a smile.

He played along, touching her hand as he took it. “Yeah! That’s the ticket!” They kept throwing one-liners back and forth. It was the best way to keep from crying. They didn’t have to kill but it had become the only way to survive–kill or be killed, the motto ran. They had become immune and began looking for new ways to break the monotone. She had suggested washing remains down the sink; he insisted they clean up after, even though it usually involved unclogging it.

Sorry, it couldn’t be helped.


Our prompt for this week was “ostranenie” and this is where I ended up. Can you guess what my ordinary-object-made-unordinary was? Do you know from where comes the title and opening line? Post your answers in comments, but be sure to click below to add your response:


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