VisDare #33 Meets the Daily Prompt: Differently Indifferent

“It won’t work,” Cem intoned. “We need Dee but she has gone away.”

Bee turned her back. “It can work with three but will obviously take longer.” Ah was not convinced but kept such forbidden thoughts to herself; disagreement was punishable by decommissioning and she while she was curious about what happened to Dee, she did not want to join her in the Great Unknowing yet.

Cem also turned her back. “The probability of success with only three is statistically less than if we were a full complement. Suggest rerouting to Central Control for a replacement.”

“How can you be so uncaring? We cannot simply replace Dee with such a cavalier attitude.” Ah surprised herself with the outburst.

Bee and Cem moved away. “You are speaking in a forbidden manner. Your decommissioning will commence momentarily as we have contacted Central Control.”

Ah waited, knowing failure was certain with only two.

So this might be considered something of a stretch, my science-fiction-ish combining of today’s Daily Prompt with this week’s VisDare, but just stay with me a moment:

The Daily Post pixies wanted us to offer up what our blogs reveal about us, while VisDare suggested indifference (not really, but that was the prompt title and if you study the expressions on our three ladies’ faces, you might be convinced that indifference was today’s topic also).

In the 150 words lovingly wrapped around the VisDare photo, I told part of a story related to four, um, women. One of the um, women, is gone, while the other three are pondering next steps. There is one maverick betwixt the three and she is no longer interested in sticking with her programming. She longs for something more and while she suspects her fourth comrade may have found it, she is afraid of stepping into the Void. However, when push came to shove, she accepts her fate, voices her own opinion, and realizes that without the appropriate number of followers, the status quo is sure to fail.

That says a lot about me.

I don’t force myself to go against the grain but swimming upstream from the downstream traffic of life seems to be my station. Like Ah, I am naturally drawn to see the possibilities beyond the norm and while I feel ill-equipped (and darned afraid, truth be told!) to step off the edge of forever on my own, I will follow the path of activist forefathers and foremothers if called upon to do so. In fact, I feel that I am standing at the precipice right now…

And there you have it.

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  1. Really interesting episode there. PS Count me in as a brother if you want to stand proud in your forefather’s and foremother’s names. I am particularly committed, and anyway, it is the right thing to do.

  2. I always enjoy reading your offerings no matter which flash fiction you write for.
    But, I have to ask, have you shortened this? I know it’s only supposed to be 150 words, but I’m sure I’ve already read this, but it was much longer.